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exploring asexuality

asexuality and celibacy are not the same

No sex please, we're asexual!

Generally speaking, asexuality is regarded as being having no inclination toward, or interest in, being physical with another person.

There is a debate as to whether sexuality is an actual orientation, like heterosexual, or a sexual dysfunction, but research is showing that even animals demonstrate asexuality, so the outcome veers towards a new category of gender identity.

Celibacy is usually voluntary, except in the case of medical/surgical celibacy, whereas asexuality is something that one just ‘is’, without thinking about it.

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asexuality and science

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an article from the new scientist, including some research on asexuality in the animal world.
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no sex please, we’re asexual!

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another take on asexuality, from the Guardian.
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1 in 100 people is asexual

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research shows that as much as 1% of the population could be asexual.
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a network for asexuals

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though mainly for the US, this is an interesting place to read about asexuality.
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